It is Special business Vertical of our Business which we are looking like fortune of the company. We manufacture Pipe Spools & Skids for sectors like Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, Pharma, Process Industries etc. Pipe Spools ranging from ½” to 30” Size up to 2500# Pressure Class. We can manufacture this with CS, SS, Duplex, SDSS etc. Packaged Skids can be offered with all Instrumentation, Valves, Electrical Integration. We can offer these items with design facility.
Sr 1 Skid
Sr 1 UF Skid
Sr 1-1 UF Skid Installation
Sr 1-2 Stainless Steel Spool
Sr 2 Skid
Sr 3 Skid
Sr 3-1 Skid
Sr 3-2 Flare Stack
Sr 4 Customized Skid
Sr 6 Skid
Sr 7 Skid
Sr 8 Skid
Sr 9 Skid
Sr 12 Basket Centrifuge